Since the 7th of March accumulating GAMA CARD has been launched in the network.

In case of GAMA CARD usage in the stations under GAMA Brand name whilerefueling the vehicle,


1.5% of the paid amount will be immediately charged to the CARD.


In case 20Lari gas is refueled in the car, in this definite case 0.30 Lari is charged on the CARD.  And if the customer refuels 20 larigas every day and uses GAMA CARD while every refueling, 9 Lari will be accumulated on the CARD. (0.30 Lari x 30 days).

With the amount accumulated on GAMA CARD, the customer can refuel the vehicle free of charge in GAMA stations.

Every operation conducted via GAMA CARD is sent to the customer by SMS, where the current balance of the CARD is reflected also.

GAMA CARD is unique and currently has no analogue in Georgia

Keep your own money and don’t waste…

Hurry up…

Use GAMA CARD and use it for your own benefit…