Gama ltd was founded in 2001.The first gas refueling station of the company was opened  that year in Tbilisi. Nowadays Gama Ltd operates the net consisting of 14 active stations throughout the whole country. 9 of them are located in Tbilisi.

Natural gas compressed by Italian and Argentinian equipment installed in Gama’s stations for quality control, entirely satisfies European standards.

Gama’s stations are distinguished by modern equipment and Western Innovative technology.

The company is oriented in enhancement and expanding the net. Proximity with customers is the most important for our company that is why we have always been considering their interests and taking care of their satisfaction.

One of the aims of our company is to expand the quantity of vehicles working on natural gas fuel in Georgia and deliver them high quality natural gas free from additives.

Employees of our company are oriented to serve the owners of the vehicle on CNG as quick as possible with high quality.

Gama ltd represents one of the largest employers in Georgia. More than 200 peoples work in the company at present and their number expands. The staff consisting of professionals is important for us that is why we focus on this item when creating the latest.